I'm passionate about design and love to code. I feel at home in all stages of the creative process.


I bring a well-rounded skillset and a broad perspective of the design process to my work. Being involved from the very beginning at brainstorming and ideation, all the way to implementation and pixel-pushing gets me excited and keeps my mind sharp and my work fresh.

I thrive on both creative and technical challenges and I always push myself to learn new tools and technologies and to evolve and adapt my design-grounded process to them.

Execution, iteration, clarity, and clean, beautiful design are some of my most significant values.

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Business is Blooming

Branding & Website Design

I worked with a small, local, and sustainably-focused floral design studio to develop updated branding, print materials, and signage. I also designed and implemented a new web presence showcasing the client’s work.

Web Design - Web Development - Branding - Graphic Design - Identity Design

Launch Site


Magazine Design

I designed a cover and three demo spreads for a health, fitness, and lifestyle magazine. The project involved digital illustration, page design and layout, imagery, and typography.

Graphic Design - Typography - Publication Design

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Greatest Hotels Group

Branding & Website Design

I worked on the redesign of a luxury hotel search website’s brand-image and website. The project involved extensive user experience testing, client and audience research, prototyping, and design

Web Design - Branding - Interface Design - Market Research - Competitive Analysis - UX Prototyping

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Ender’s Game

Book Jacket Design

I created a cover and book jacket for the Orson Scott Card novel Ender’s Game. I drew on my background in digital illustration to create imagery that represented the style and message of the book.

Publication Design - Digital Illustration - Typography

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Promotional Materials & Signage

Included is a selection of the work I completed while employed at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Career Services Center. I produced posters, flyers, calendars, and infographics and developed new designs within established branding systems promoting the office and the services they offer.

Publication Design - Graphic Design - Branding - Information Design - Typography

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